Queen Elizabeth College is a Year 9-13 co-educational secondary school based in Palmerston North.  We believe that for a student to succeed, the school and family must work together.  Working in partnership means there are more opportunities to ensure that the student is supported.

As a smaller, family school we offer a wide range of opportunities through quality learning experiences and our aim is to give our students individual attention and the opportunities to reach their full potential.

The school provides opportunities for families to track student progress through our facebook forum page, the Edge App, newsletters and if needed, personal contact from teachers.  Deans and Poutama teachers are available for families and students for advice and support.


Quality, everything we do is at the best of our ability.
 Expectations, we have the highest expectations of ourselves and our community.
 Commitment, we live and teach what it is to be committed.


Establish pathways for our akonga; further education, services, employment.
Teach specific skills to prepare akonga to be ready for life.
Prepare our students for the digital world.
Actively seek ways to engage with the community.
 Establish robust systems for academic and pastoral support


QEC follows the principles of positive behaviour for learning, and restorative practices.


Respect | Manaakitanga
Responsibility | Kawengatanga
Connectedness | Whanaungatanga


Good citizenship, Self-management, Success, Diversity,
 Inclusiveness, Honesty, Integrity, Growth Mindset.