Queen Elizabeth College strives for excellence and ensures that students receive the best support to achieve their academic potential.
All core subject are compulsory for year levels 9 to 11.

Year 9 Students
All Year 9 students sample all course options (two per term) before choosing at Year 10.

Core Subjects                     Course Options

English                                  Music
Mathematics                        Food Technology
Science                                 Te Reo Maori
Social Studies                      Digital Technology
Physical Education              Art
Health                                    Resistant Materials
                                                Service Academy
                                                Technology - Hard 

Year 10 Students

All Year 10 Students are required to choose 1 course subject from Column A and
1 Course Subject from Column B.

Core Subjects                          Course Option A                      Course Option B

English                                      Resistant Materials                 Art
Mathematics                            Music                                        Digital Technology
Science                                     Food Technology                   Service Academy
Social Studies                          Te Reo Maori
Physical Education

Year 11 Students

All Year 11 students complete a course of study with the focus to achieve their NCEA Level 1. 

Students are required to choose 3 options outlined in the link below.

Year 12 & Year 13 Students

Students should be working towards a career goal.  There are 3 distinct pathways:

  • Academic, Tertiary Study
  • Work
  • Service Academy

In Year 12 & Year 13 we work in 10-week semester blocks in which students have the flexibility to change subjects if required.