Student Support

Queen Elizabeth College takes a student-centered approach, offering numerous supportive guidance systems for all students - including:

House Groups Involvement
All students belong to a House, enabling them to build relationships across Year levels. Various house activities / competitions are oganised each year such as the Swimming Sports, Athletic Sports and the House Concert.

Our Deans offer extra guidance and support to students in relevant year levels. Shaun Maaka has oversight of the Deans.

Senior Dean Ann Stacey
Junior Dean
John de Burgh

Student Leaders

By setting a positive example for others, Student Leaders act to represent and support their fellow students.

Guidance Counsellor
Our Guidance Counsellor is available to all students for advice and support on all matters social, educational and personal.

Careers Advisor
Our Career Advisor helps students to develop pathways beyond school and arranges the GATEWAY placements.

RTLB (Resource Teacher of Learning & Behaviour)
The RTLB system works with families to help students overcome barriers to learning - so they can get the most out of their education.

Teachers Aides
Our Teacher Aides provides support to students to maximise learning opportunities in the classroom.

Relationships with outside agencies
Through partnerships with outside agencies, Queen Elizabeth College is able to quickly source the appropriate assistance for the family and the student.


We're proud to offer modern secondary school facilities, E.O.T.C and sporting opportunities to our students. To find out more about what we offer, please click here.