Service Academy

What is the Service Academy?

The Service Academy programme was established at Queen Elizabeth College in 2012.  The programme is a year long, with 20 places available for Year 12 and Year 13 students.

The Academy’s role is to:

·         Educate

·         Identify

·         Support

·         Upskill


The Queen Elizabeth College Service Academy students will receive guidance and mentoring in order to prepare and develop them for the best possible start in employment, with a focus on a career within the New Zealand Defence Force or New Zealand Government Agencies such as the Police or Fire Services.


Academy Vision

·         To instill knowledge that enables students to make informed decisions for their chosen career and life pathways.

·       To learn a number of life skills conducive to their own success and well being.


Academy Mission

To provide skills, values and education in an effective teaching and learning environment,  that is both purposeful and stimulating, to enable service academy students to take a positive role in New Zealand society.

Academy Aim

To provide opportunity for the Service Academy members to push individual boundaries, to find new physical and mental limits, to encourage teamwork, discipline, confidence and competitiveness and to develop skills that will ensure they reach their full potential as a young adult.


Applications are now open for positions in the 2017 Service Academy. An application form is below. The application needs to be recieved by the 1st of November. 

pdf Application Form for Service Academy.pdf  

For further information about Queen Elizabeth College, please view our Prospectus or contact our Service Academy Director.

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