Reconfiguring the College

Currently Queen Elizabeth College is undergoing a $1.2 million re-configuration programme, which will enhance the facilities and grounds to enable the school to deliver 21st education that incorporates a greater use of IT facilites and modern learning spaces. 

As well as changes to our facilities work is being put into improving the grounds also to greater a more open, welcoming environment.

There are 3 major stages of the project. Stage 1 was the removal of the what was called the '40s Block' as well as an old style AV Room and a prefabriciated classroom. 

Stage 2 concentrates on removing further buildings that are beyond their economic use and landscaping the spaces left by their reomoval.This stage also involves re-configuring an under-utilised space into a modern library.

For Stage 3, the current Library block will be converted into modern workshops for technology. Once these changes have been made, the final stage of building removal and remediation of the land will take place. 

pdf Reconfiguration Plan Presentation for Parents

 Update Photo - 40s Block 1.jpg Update Photo - AV Room 1.jpg Update Photo - Hort Room 1.jpg

Stage One of the project has been finished and above are the spaces as they are now. From  left: Speace where the 40s block and courts were; Old AV Room space in the central quad; the space where the horticulture space and Ceramics Room were.

Link to Gallery - School Reconfiguration 


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