Partnership with Families

Queen Elizabeth believe that for a student to succeed, then the school and the family must work together to achieve this. Working in partnership means there are more opportunities to ensure that the student is supported.

The school provides opportunities for families to track student progress through newsletters, formal reporting and if needed, personal contact from teachers. Deans and Group teachers are available for families and students for advice and support.

Parent & Teacher Interviews and Report Evenings
All families are encouraged to attend and is an ideal time to touch base with teachers. These evenings occur twice a year.

PTA & Whanau Hui
The PTA and Whanau Hui provide a voice for families and students. Student progress is discussed in Literacy & Numeracy. Resourcing is provided where there are identified needs and funds raised if required.

Queen Elizabeth College Educational Trust
The purpose of the trust is to provide for the educational needs of students that attend Queen Elizabeth College. This is done through the provision of scholarships for secondary and tertiary education, financial assistance and such requests of an educational nature.