Success at Pasifika Fusion
Congratulations to our Pasifika Group for their success at Pasifika Fusion,which was held at the Regent Theatre on July 7. Students were entered in 4 categories -  Dance, Drama, Choir and Cultural Performance. They did very well in all categories but had the greatest success in the Cultural Performance category where the group were named the Best Cultural Performance.
Cultural 42 compressed.jpg



2016 Prefects Announced

Congratulations to Connor De La Mere, Chante Greenwood, Paul Burmeister and Hinehou Ngaronga who were announced as the Prefects for Queen Elizabeth College in 2016. All applicants for the Prefect positions had to present to both the Year 12 and Year 13 students. Senior Students and staff voted or gave their recommendations and all applicants had an interview with the Principal. These Prefects join Eta Elkington, Cameron Dalkie, Sabrina Coley and Ryan Kale who are the Head Students and Deputy Head Students for this year.

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