Success at Pasifika Fusion
Congratulations to our Pasifika Group for their success at Pasifika Fusion,which was held at the Regent Theatre on July 7. Students were entered in 4 categories -  Dance, Drama, Choir and Cultural Performance. They did very well in all categories but had the greatest success in the Cultural Performance category where the group were named the Best Cultural Performance.
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Queen Elizabeth College to be Upgraded to Meet Digitial Future

The Ministry of Education will fund a $1.183 million upgrade of Queen Elizabeth College over the next two years to create modern learning environments for students.

Queen Elizabeth College and the Ministry of Education together will remove some buildings, upgrade and modernise teaching spaces and carry out the School Network Upgrade Project which will see the College's internal data and electrical network readied to take advantage of ultra-fast broadband.

The Ministry of Education's Kim Shannon, Head of Education Infrastructure says the upgrade will allow the College to strategically focus its capital funding to create quality, modern learning spaces.

The upgrade includes the removal of six buildings and four ancillary structures that have reached the end of their economic life and are surplus to requirements.

"This will open up the College campus, improve the built environment, and allow the College to strategically focus its capital funding to create quality, modern learning spaces," says Kim Shannon.

Queen Elizabeth College Principal, Michael Houghton, says Queen Elizabeth College is focused on providing innovative learning opportunities that promote excellence.

"In recent years Queen Elizabeth College has had positive growth in particular with Year 9 enrolments. This latest project is a demonstration of faith in the school and of future proofing the achievements of our students ensuring they are ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age."

"Queen Elizabeth College is blessed with excellent facilities which is partly why we have high student participation rates in sport and cultural activities, with a number of sports successes for teams and individuals," says Michael. "Now is the time to further enhance the positive developments demonstrated by our students in other areas."

Board of Trustee chairman Doug Wallace says the project is very exciting.

"The Ministry of Education and Queen Elizabeth College are committed to our community, to our students and their whanau," says Doug. "By providing our students with excellent technologically advanced learning environments it will help secure their future in an ever-changing world."

"Queen Elizabeth College is on a journey to become a learning community of excellence and innovation and this project will help us achieve that vision."

Michael Houghton says the project will occur over three stages with the first stage starting in May this year. All work should be completed by mid-2015.

"Steps are being taken to ensure minimal disruption to students during the academic year."

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