Fees & Donations

Year 9 Fees (also refer to the Fees and Costs page of the Prospectus Insert)

Subject Fee holiday for Year 9 Enrolments for 2015.

Must enrol before November 2014.

Year 9 Subject Fees (includes all subjects and options)


Subject Fee holiday applies( as outlined above)  
  IT Card

$ 10.00

  Single General Activity Donation

$ 70.00

  Maximum Family General Activity Donation

$ 90.00

  Queen Elizabeth Educational Trust Donation

$  6.00

  Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Donation

$  6.00


Year 10 to 13 Fees

The subject fee varies for Year 10 students depending on the options that they choose. However the IT Card, Activity Donation Educational Trust Donation and PTA Donation are the same as outlined above.