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Queen Elizabeth College is a co-educational school, with a student centred philosophy, which values whānau, and acceptance of individual differences. Our school is sited on large attractive grounds, with excellent facilities. Our students make significant contribution to the school community, especially in the area of sport.

Student Council Announced

At the school assembly on March 18, the Student Council for 2013 was announced. The School Council for this year are: Zailie Diemar and Sarah Blithe (Year 13); Christian Houghton and Davina Wainohu (Year 12); Konrad Hempel and Jazmin Rees (Year 11); Sabrina Coley and Waiva Mataora (Year 10); Catie Craw and Ioana Iulio (Year 9); Palu Mataora (Student Represenative on the Board of Trustees).

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