English for Speakers of Other Languages

Queen Elizabeth College has been offering ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes to adult migrants and International students for more than 25 years.  The classes run from Monday to Friday from 9.15am and finish at 3.20pm.  School holidays are the same as other state secondary schools in Palmerston North.

Our classes run with the help of local members of the community which enable our speakers to practice their newly acquired speaking skills in a non-threatening environment.

ESOL classes cater for beginners through to advanced, with the opportunity for more advanced students to study other subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, physics, Computer Studies and Music.

What do we offer?

English Grammar

The school teaches English grammar and vocabulary through reading, writing, listening and speaking using reputable textbooks.

Kiwi Culture

We also offer Kiwi Culture, which teaches English through visits around our local area - for example - The City Library, Caccia Birch Historic House, The Regent Theatre and The Esplanade.  Also we learn about how to live in a New Zealand community and personal safety with visits to the Police Station, the Fire Station and Civil Defence.

Computer Classes

We offer two (2) computer classes - beginner and advanced, covering basic operation of a personal computer, functions of word processing, database, spreadsheet and computer graphics.

How do I enrol?

For more information please contact:

Ms. Santi Budhia - (06) 358-9033 or email.

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