All students are able to experience a range of different career opportunities, with an emphasis in the senior school of preparing students for careers and / or tertiary education beyond secondary school.

Careers Resource Centre

The Careers Resource Centre is open to students at various break times during the week. The centre has a wide variety of resources and information regarding different career options and tertiary institutions.  Resources available include:

  • Computers for Curriculum Vitae writing and internet searching.                                   
  • Booklets, brochures and pamphlets on careers, industries and training.
  • DVD's on different industries.
  • Information on courses available at UCOL, Massey University, Te Wananga o Aotearoa and many other institutes in Palmerston North and other centres.


Gateway provides senior students to have a taste of a careers that they may be interested in pursuing. 


Provides opportunities for students to attend courses that would be useful for future careers. For instance students complete Kiwi Host training as well as First Aid training.

The Kiwi Host training this year, took place during Term 2. The school has recieved excellent feedback from the Kiwi Host facilitator, who said "An excellent group of students from Queen Elizabeth College. They did everything that was asked of them willingly and well."

Choosing Subjects in the Senior School 

Choosing subjects in the senior school is an important decision making process. Each year meetings are held with students and their families when deciding subjects to take, taking into account career interests of the student.

Below is a link through the Careers NZ to help with the process. 

Visit:  Careers NZ - Choosing School Subjects.